Stock of machines

With an integrated tooling service, ATOS is able to design and manufacture the specific tools required, and industrialises its fabrications with a clearance of more than 2,500 tools for stamping and folding.

The machines:

  • S4P4 punching-panelling machine line
  • Cutting presses from 20 to 350 T
  • Punching machines with associated store, laser, and combined punching-laser
  • FM5 automated store of raw material (400 references)
  • Folding presses from 25 to 300 T
  • Seaming machines
  • Spot welding, brazing, MIG-TIG
  • Laser welding robot
  • Booths for levelling, brushing
  • Automatic degreasing lines
  • Dust-free liquid paint booths
  • Robotised powder paint line
  • Pad printing / screen printing workshop
  • Mounting / integration units

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  • Société-Parc machines 1.jpg