Resolutely focused on its customers, the company Atos relies on its expertise to serve the transport market (rail, maritime, aviation) with loyal customers that it supports in their needs and their development.
For this market, with demanding constraints, 3 major areas stand out:

  • Ground applications
    • Subracks
    • Racks in technical locales
    • Trackside enclosures
    • Interactive terminals
  • Embedded applications
    • Subracks
    • Receptacles
    • Racks
  • Realisation of parts under subcontract (sheet metal according to plan)

Atos provides different certified authorised and referenced solutions to respond to the problems of its customers:

  • Development of different ranges of standard products
    • Railway meeting NF EN 60297-3, NF61005 and IEEE standards
    • Optimal Rack in response to standard NF 60297-2
    • Integral Rack in response to standard NF 60297-2
  • Adaptation of its standard products to the particularities of its customers
    • Mechanically welded racks
    • Outdoor enclosures
  • Development of customer specific products
    • Drawer supports
    • Cabinets on customer plan
  • Customisation
  • Integration / wiring
  • Additional services
    • Study and design
    • Industrialisation
    • Tests and qualifications
  • Expertise-racks-and-transport-systems