Defence & Security

For several years, we have been developing and creating for our customers in this sector, various products for severe environments. These racks, consoles, enclosures and subracks are used for stationary but also embedded applications.

From standard products adapted or developed on specific requirements, we are able to meet the constraints in terms of EMC, IP, and "Shocks and Vibrations" in accordance with the standards below:

  • IEC 297 for Dimensions
  • EIA-310-E for Dimensions
  • EN 60950-1 for Security
  • MIL STD 810 for the Environment
  • IT 8850 according to DCNS

Our reputation and our experience in terms of embedded hardware have allowed us to obtain SNCF NF F 61005 and NF EN 61373 approval, and to meet specifications MARINE 89-126 BECN/EE and 18-93 BECN/EE.
The latter, established by the DCN, ensures the following points:

  • Shock resistance
  • Vibration resistance
  • Electrical continuity (STANDARD NF C20-030)
  • Possibility insulation to electromagnetic interference
  • ATOS is a referenced SUPPLIER under the code NATO F78 77A

In addition, ATOS is evaluated and certified in the requirements required by:

  • ISO 9001 for Quality management
  • EN 9100 for Aeronautics

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