Datacenter Solutions

For more than 20 years ATOS has offered innovative and efficient 19" solutions for the deployment of telecommunications networks (3G, 3G+, 4G, FTTH, etc.) and the urbanisation of your Datacenters.
Always listening to your challenges, various complete Indoor or Outdoor IT solutions are available:

  • Mechanical, electrical and climatic studies
  • Integration of components and electrical systems
  • Electrical wiring and automation
  • Remote supervision
  • Cooling,
  • Total customisation (painting, engraving and screen printing)
  • Delivery on site
  • After-sales service

ATOS is also one of the European leaders in the study, the delivery and installation of DATACENTER solutions.
ATOS today offers a comprehensive solution for the urbanisation and the development of a server room. These solutions are articulated around the following themes:

  • Studies and urbanisation
  • Hosting thanks to the CONVERGENCE rack
  • Cooling thanks to our Aisle Cooling Module (ACM)
  • Distribution of current
  • Remote supervision
  • Customisation
  • Delivery and full installation
  • After-sales service
  • Other (fire detection and extinguishing, raised floor, etc.)

This comprehensive solution can be built, as you wish, in different ways:

  • Contained Cold Aisle (CCA)
  • Contained Hot Aisle (CHA)
  • Contained Module and Rack (CMR)
  • Passive Cold Door (PCD)
  • Active Cold Door (ACD)
  • Modul’X

Our Project Datacentre service is at your disposal to study your cooling issues or hosting issues.

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